Vivian Porter
Full Name: Vivian Francis Porter
Alias(es): V.F. Porter
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Build: Slender and Curvaceous
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Fair
Hometown: Middleton
Professional Info
  Middleton Space Center Robotics Lab
Robot Rumble
  No Known Relatives
  James Possible
Love Interest(s):
  Oliver (Pretend Boyfriend)
  No Known Pets
  Dr. Fen
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "Grudge Match"
Voiced by:
  Shawnee Smith

Vivian Francis Porter is a scientist and a noted robotics authority. However she found it difficult to be taken seriously as a scientist since she looked more like a supermodel than a scientist. She was suspected of stealing a project from the Middleton Space Center, but turned out to be framed by Dr. Fen. In the end she was offered a job by Dr. James Possible.[1]



Vivian has long, blonde hair and blue eyes. Her skin is a fair color and she has a mole right above her lips.


Because she was used to being disregarded and underestimated in her profession, Vivian grew to be very defensive, and especially aggressive toward anyone who refused to recognize her intelligence. She built Oliver at least partially so something of hers could receive the credit that she deserved all along.[1]


Vivian was a noted robotics authority who designed robots for the Space Center, and had written several papers on the subject. These robots were equipped with advanced technology, such as artificial intelligence and self-preservation programs that allowed them to adapt to any situation.[1]


Vivian was a lab assistant to Dr. Fen, a colleague of James Possible. At one point she left the Space Center. Dr. Fen said she was fired, James thought she resigned. When a robot that Dr. Fen was working on was stolen from the Middleton Space Center, Vivian was the first suspect. When Kim approached her at the underground robot rumble, Vivian firmly stated she did not steal the robot, as did her boyfriend, Oliver. Kim and Ron however, did find the robot at the rumble when they investigated the place after hours and returned it to the Middleton Space Center.

Back home, Kim learned that the robot was not designed by Dr. Fen, but by one V.F. Porter. At the Space Center, she confronted Dr. Fen with this knowledge, in the presence of both Vivian and Oliver. There it was revealed Oliver is a robot and that Dr. Fen was a fraud. His former lab assistant, Vivian, was the brains behind the robots: V.F. Porter turned out to be Vivian Francis Porter. She built Oliver as a cover, because her colleagues could not accept that someone as pretty as herself was a brilliant scientist. When Dr. James Possible learned of this, he offered Vivian a job at the Space Center, which Vivian happily accepted.[1]



Vivian liked Dr. James Possible as a colleague. She said he was nice. It can be assumed that she enjoyed working with him since he offered her Fen's job, especially since he accepted her for what she was: an intelligent young woman who just happened to be very beautiful.[1]

Vivian was respected among the robot rumble members. In fact, through her mechanical boyfriend Oliver, she founded the robot rumble.[1]


Vivian strongly disliked Dr. Fen, because he stole her work and took credit for it. [1]

She disliked academia in general because they could not take someone who looked like her seriously as a scientist.




"Oliver" is a robot built by Vivian and made to appear as her boyfriend and a robotics expert so that she could have an outlet to show her genius.

Vivian's Artificial Intelligence Robot was built by her for an unknown purpose but given her then unemployed state she may have just built it for the Robot Rumble.




  • While no relationship was established, Vivian shares last names with "Pop Pop" Porter.

Behind the Scenes

Voice Actor/Actress

She was voiced by Shawnee Smith.

Episode Appearances

Season 2
US Broadcast
203 24 Grudge Match


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