Zombie Mayhem
First Appearance: Motor Ed
Zombie Mayhem is a video-game played by Ron Stoppable and Felix Renton.



Game Over in multiplayer mode.

Zombie Mayhem is a supernatural action console video-game in which the player has to defeat hordes of zombies in order to level up. Scores are given depending on how many zombies the player slays[1]. The game has both a single-player and competitive multi-player mode and allows the player character to be either a male or female avatar[2][1].

As of Kim and Ron's sophomore year there are three iterations of the game released thus far. While Ron argues that the second installment is superior, Felix prefers the third - part of his justification being that Zombie Mayhem 2 doesn't include flamethrowers[2].


Multiplayer game-play and UI.

Ron, Felix, and eventually an initially jealous Kim, attend an event called 'Zomba-Palooza' in which the game is to be played for twenty-four hours in order to provide research on repetitive stress injuries. Unfortunately the event is interrupted by Motor Ed [1].


  • Zombie Mayhem could potentially be based loosely on, or a reference to, the Resident Evil games (verification still needed).


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